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Volume 4 Issue 2 Year 2016


Instrumental Appropriation of a Collaborative, Dynamic-Geometry Environment and Geometrical Understanding
Muteb M. Alqahtani, Arthur B. Powell
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Pre-Service Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Students’ Knowledge: Location of Decimal Numbers on a Number Line
Dilek Girit, Didem Akyuz
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Theoretical Framework of Researcher Knowledge Development in Mathematics Education
Igor’ Kontorovich
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Using Open-Response Fraction Items to Explore the Relationship Between Instructional Modalities and Students’ Solution Strategies
Jessica F. Shumway, Patricia S. Moyer-Packenham, Joseph M. Baker, Arla Westenskow, Katie L. Anderson-Pence, Stephen I. Tucker, Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood, Kerry E. Jordan
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A Sample WebQuest Applicable in Teaching Topological Concepts
Sevda Goktepe Yildiz, Seda Goktepe Korpeoglu
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The Pre-service Science Teachers’ Mental Models for Concept of Atoms and Learning Difficulties
Seyit Ahmet Kiray
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