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Volume 5 Issue 4 Year 2017


Assessing Behavioral Engagement in Flipped and Non-Flipped Mathematics Classrooms: Teacher Abilities and Other Potential Factors
Theodore R. Hodgson, Abby Cunningham, Daniel McGee, Lenore Kinne, Teri Jo Murphy Mail
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How do Freshman Engineering Students Reflect an Online Calculus Course?
Burcak Boz, Muge Adnan
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Prospective Teachers’ Knowledge on Middle School Students’ Possible Descriptions of Integers
Aysenur Kubar, Erdinc Cakiroglu
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Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Conceptions of Counterexamples
Zulfiye Zeybek
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Evolution of Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge when They are Teaching through Modeling
Arzu Aydogan Yenmez, Ayhan Kursat Erbas, Cengiz Alacaci, Erdinc Cakiroglu, Bulent Cetinkaya
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Evaluating the (Mis)Alignment of the Intended to the Assessed Curriculum for the U.S.: Implications for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Pooja Shivraj
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