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Volume 6 Issue 2 Year 2018


Exploring how Digital Technologies Can Support Co-Construction of Equitable Curricular Resources in STEM
Meredith Weaver Kier, Deena Khalil
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Using Tablets to Explore the Potential for Video-based Classroom Observations for Research and Professional Development
David Blazar, Barbara J. Gilbert, Corinne Herlihy, Claire Gogolen
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Institutional Factors in iPad Rollout, Adoption, and Implementation: Isomorphism and the Case of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s iPad Initiative
Alexandra J. Lamb, Jennie Miles Weiner
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iPads in the Mathematics Classroom: Developing Criteria for SELECTing Appropriate Learning Apps
Taylor R. Harrison, Hollylynne S. Lee
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Literacy, Equity, and the Employment of iPads in the Classroom: A Comparison of Secure and Developing Readers
Kristi Bergeson, Kay Rosheim
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Designing Spaces for Creativity and Divergent Thinking: Pre-Service Teachers Creating Stop Motion Animation on Tablets
W. Ian O’Byrne, Nenad Radakovic, Tracey Hunter-Doniger, Madison Fox, Reggie Kern, Stephanie Parnell
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