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Volume 1 Issue 3 Year 2013


Nature of Science and Scientific Inquiry as Contexts for the Learning of Science and Achievement of Scientific Literacy
Norman G. Lederman, Judith S. Lederman, Allison Antink
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The IMPPACT Project: A Model for Studying How Preservice Program Experiences Influence Science Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices
John W. Tillotson, Monica J. Young
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Envisioning the Changes in Teaching Framed by the National Science Education Standards-Teaching Standards
Todd Campell, Emma Smith
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Successes and Continuing Challenges: Implementing the Changes in Professional Development for Teachers in the U.S.
Robert E. Yager
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Response to Intervention and Math Instruction
Vanessa Hinton, Margaret M Flores, Margaret Shippen
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An Ethnographic Inquiry on Internet Cafés within the Context of Turkish Youth Culture
Mustafa Koc, Karen Ann Ferneding
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