Seventh Grade Students' Perceptions of Using Concept Cartoons in Science and Technology Course

Fatma Şaşmaz Ören, Gülçin Meriç
336 64


The aim of this study is to determine the efficiency of use of concept cartoons in elementary school 7th grade students Science and Technology course according to studentsâ perceptions. In terms of this aim, the unit of âForce and Motionâ has been taught by concept cartoons and at the end of this period, semi-structured interviews were carried out with 12 elementary school 7th grade students. The interviews have been carried out by giving the students opinion form and interviewing with each of them. Besides, students have kept journals for science and technology course for six weeks. In the study, while opinion form has been analyzed by content analysis, interviews and the student journals have been investigated by descriptive analysis. According to the results that have been attained, students have stated that it was the first time they have encountered concept cartoons and it is necessary to continue using this technique in science and technology course. In addition to this, students have stated that courses taught with concept cartoons are pleasant/enjoyable and there has been deep and long lasting learning. Based on these results, some suggestions have been given for the use of concept cartoons in science and technology courses as a learning technique.


Science and Technology, Concept Cartoons, Students’ Perceptions, Force and Motion

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