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Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Number: 5 21st-century Skills as Predictors of Pre-Service Teachers' Professional Qualifications: A Cross-Sectional Study Abstract   PDF
Eyüp Yurt
Year: 2019 Volume: 7 Number: 2 A Case Study Comparing Student Experiences and Success in an Undergraduate Mathematics Course offered through Online, Blended, and Face-to-Face Instruction Abstract   PDF
Virginia L. Thomposn, Yonghong L. McDowell
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 2 A Case Study of E-tutors' Teaching Practice: Does Technology Drive Pedagogy? Abstract   PDF
Hsueh-Hua Chuang
Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Number: 2 A Comparative Study of High School Students' Math Achievement and Attitudes: Do Math Teacher Qualifications Matter? Abstract   PDF
Marisa B. Saenz, Vandana Nandakumar, Maria Adamuti-Trache
Year: 2024 Volume: 12 Number: 1 A Comparison of Science Learning Skills in the Teacher-centered Approach and Inquiry-based Science Fieldwork: Primary School Students' Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Mirjam Ndaimehafo Asilevi, Sirpa Kärkkäinen, Kari Sormunen, Sari Havu-Nuutinen
Year: 2020 Volume: 8 Number: 3 A Comparison of Student Affect after Engaging in a Mathematical Modeling Activity Abstract   PDF
Scott A. Chamberlin, Kelly Parks
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 A Comparison of U.S. and Chinese Geometry Standards through the Lens of van Hiele Levels Abstract   PDF
Lili Zhou, Jinqing Liu, Jane-Jane Lo
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 2 A Field Experience without the Field: A Reflective Self-study of Teaching an Elementary Science Field Experience Online During a Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Spencer Byron Perry, Meredith Park Rogers, Kraig Kitts
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 4 A Field Guide to Whole Number Representations in Children’s Books Abstract   PDF
Julie Nurnberger-Haag, Amy Scheurermann, Janis S. McTeer
Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Number: 6 A Literature Review on Research Opportunities in Ontology Alignment for Quality Standards in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Novita Br Ginting, Bazilah A. Talip, Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali, Foni Agus Setiawan, Rudi Hartono
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 4 A Mentoring Program for Inquiry-Based Teaching in a College Geometry Class Abstract   PDF
Nathaniel Miller, Nathan Wakefield
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 3 A Meta-Analysis of the E-Learning Influence on Vocational Education and Training (VET): Preliminary Study of Virtual to Actualization Abstract   PDF
Eka Daryanto, Batumahadi Siregar, Sapitri Januariyansah
Year: 2019 Volume: 7 Number: 1 A Multiple Case Study: What Happens in Peer Tutoring of Calculus Studies? Abstract   PDF
Burcak Boz Yaman
Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Number: 1 (Special Issue on STEM Education) A Policy-Relevant Instrumental Case Study of an Inclusive STEM-Focused High School: Manor New Tech High Abstract   PDF
Sharon J. Lynch, Nancy Spillane, Ann House, Erin Peters-Burton, Tara Behrend, Kathleen M. Ross, Edmund M. Han
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 1 A Review of the Literature: How Pre-service Mathematics Teachers Develop Their Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Melike Yigit
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 2 A Sample Webquest Applicable in Teaching Topological Concepts Abstract   PDF
Sevda Goktepe-Yildiz, Seda Goktepe-Korpeoglu
Year: 2024 Volume: 12 Number: 3 A Scoping Review on STEM Education: The Best Practices Recorded Through Previous Studies in Early Childhood Education Setting Abstract   PDF
Azam Ghazali, Zakiah Mohamad Ashari, Joanne Hardman
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 3 A Story of African American Students as Mathematics Learners Abstract   PDF
Crystal Hill Morton
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 2 A Study of the Impact of Inquiry-Based Professional  Development Experiences on the Beliefs of Intermediate Science Teachers about 'Best Practices' for Classroom Teaching Abstract   PDF
Josefina Arce, George M. Bodner, Kelly Hutchinson
Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Number: 3 A Study on Scientific Thinking Skills and Professional Experience of Teachers Abstract   PDF
Sholpan Saparbaikyzy, Fatima Assilbayeva, Ademi Botabayeva, Olga Kim, Zhanna Akparova, Malika Bekbayeva
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 4 A Study on the Development of Map and Globe Reading and Interpretation Skills in Early Childhood Education Abstract   PDF
Ilknur Tarman, Nefise Semra Erkan
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 2 A Systematic Literature Review: Discipline-Specific and General Instructional Practices Fostering the Mathematical Creativity of Students Abstract   PDF
Ali Bicer
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 1 A Typology for Analyzing Digital Curricula in Mathematics Education Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Choppin, Cynthia Carsons, Zenon Bory, Cathleen Cerosaletti, Rob Gillis
Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Number: 1 A video-based measure of preservice teachers’ abilities to predict elementary students’ scientific reasoning Abstract   PDF
Valarie L. Akerson, Ingrid Carter, Meredith Park Rogers, Khemmawadee Pongsanon
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 1 Adult Students' Open Interactions with Technology: Mediating Higher-Level Thinking Abstract   PDF
Lauretta Garrett
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