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Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 4 Primary School Students’ Spatial Orientation Strategies in an Outdoor Learning Activity supported by Mobile Technologies Abstract   PDF
Aihui Peng, Håkan Sollervall
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Profile of Student Physical Fitness Level of Sports Science Study Program: Relationship between Nutrition Status and Learning Achievement during COVID-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Syamsul Gultom, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Dina Ampera, Hesti Fibriasari, Nurpelita Sembiring
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 4 Prospective Mathematics Teachers’ Views on the FATIH Project: The Big Educational Technology Movement in Turkey Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Cevikbas, Seher Cevikbas
Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Number: 4 Prospective Teachers’ Knowledge on Middle School Students’ Possible Descriptions of Integers Abstract   PDF
Aysenur Kubar, Erdinc Cakiroglu
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Psychological-based Physical Exercise Education Model for Improving Elderly Physical Fitness Abstract   PDF
Cerika Rismayanthi, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Agus Kristiyanto, Muchsin Doewes
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 1 Reflective Conversation and Knowledge Development in Pre-service Teachers: The Case of Mathematical Generalization Abstract   PDF
Eddie Aparicio Landa, Landy Sosa Moguel, Guadalupe Cabañas-Sánchez
Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Number: 3 (Special Issue on Engineering Education) Relationship of Mathematics Self-efficacy and Competence with Behaviors and Attitudes of Engineering Students with Poor Mathematics Abstract   PDF
Gustavo Morán-Soto, Lisa Benson
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 4 Reliability and Validity Study of the Mobile Learning Adoption Scale Developed Based on the Diffusion of Innovations Theory Abstract   PDF
Ismail Celik, Ismail Sahin, Mustafa Aydin
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 4 Reliability Generalization Meta-analyses in Mathematics Education Research: A Research Synthesis Abstract   PDF
Ashley M. Williams, Jamaal Young
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 1 Representation in Teaching and Learning Mathematics Abstract   PDF
Bhesh Mainali
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 2 Representations of Fundamental Chemistry Concepts in Relation to the Particulate Nature of Matter Abstract   PDF
Zübeyde Demet Kırbulut, Michael Edward Beeth
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 3 Response to Intervention and Math Instruction Abstract   PDF
Vanessa Hinton, Margaret M Flores, Margaret Shippen
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 4 Results of the Salish Projects: Summary and Implications for Science Teacher Education Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Yager, Patricia Simmons
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Rethinking the Relationship between Technology and Health through Online Physical Education during the Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Sandey Tantra Paramitha, Komarudin Komarudin, Mustika Fitri, Leni Anggraeni, Muhammad Gilang Ramadhan
Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Number: 1 Role of visualization in mathematical abstraction: The case of congruence concept Abstract   PDF
Rezan Yilmaz, Ziya Argun
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 2 Sample Course Material for Biodiversity and Sustainable Education Abstract   PDF
Sinan Erten
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 1 Science and Technology Teachers’ Views of Primary School Science and Technology Curriculum Abstract   PDF   PDF
Nil Yıldız-Duban
Year: 2020 Volume: 8 Number: 1 Science Teachers’ and Their Students’ Perceptions of Science and Scientists Abstract   PDF
Suzanne El Takach, Hagop A. Yacoubian
Year: 2019 Volume: 7 Number: 3 Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Conceptions of Mathematical Literacy Abstract   PDF
Murat Genc, Ayhan Kursat Erbas
Year: 2019 Volume: 7 Number: 1 Secondary School Students’ Representations for Solving Geometric Word Problems in Different Clinical Interviews Abstract   PDF
Fadime Ulusoy, Ziya Argun
Year: 2020 Volume: 8 Number: 2 Secondary Teachers’ Knowledge Structures for Measures of Center, Spread & Shape of Distribution Supporting their Statistical Reasoning Abstract   PDF
Christopher Engledowl, James E. Tarr
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Self-directed Use of Digital Devices for Out-of-class English Learning Abstract   PDF
Fauzi Muharom, Arif Nugroho, Heldy Ramadhan Putra P.
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 3 Self-Explanation and Explanatory Feedback in Games: Individual Differences, Gameplay, and Learning Abstract   PDF
Stephen S. Killingsworth, Douglas B. Clark, Deanne M. Adams
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 2 Seventh Grade Students' Perceptions of Using Concept Cartoons in Science and Technology Course Abstract   PDF
Fatma Şaşmaz Ören, Gülçin Meriç
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 1 (Special Issue on STEM Education) STEM Images Revealing STEM Conceptions of Pre-Service Chemistry and Mathematics Teachers Abstract   PDF
Sevil Akaygun, Fatma Aslan-Tutak
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