Neuroleadership: A Conceptual Analysis and Educational Implications

Ahmet Gocen
648 372


Interpreting findings in neuroscience by field experts and educators regarding educational processes and transferring them to a practical context is gaining importance. From this aspect, neuroleadership studies with the development of social cognitive neuroscience started to serve as a guide for making sense of educational leaders’ behaviors at the biological level. In this study, the term of neuroleadership is analyzed conceptually and its implications for the educational leadership field are explored. To do so, a systematic literature analysis method was employed. Forty-four studies (published between January 2010 and May 2020) were examined as they relate to neuroleadership and its educational and managerial implications. In the light of these studies, the analysis of basic concepts related to neuroleadership has been made, and the neuro-educational leadership implications are listed. In those studies, it is seen that neuroleadership is generally conceptualized as “applying the findings of neuroscience to the leadership area.” In addition, the educational and managerial implications of neuroleadership, some of which are multi-tasking, emotion management, optimum learning, psychological basis, are explained under the themes. The findings of this study can help schools take advantage of the opportunities offered by neuroscience and coordinate educational processes with evidence-based approaches.


Neuroleadership, Neurological leadership, Social cognitive neuroscience, Brain science, Educational organizations

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Gocen, A. (2021). Neuroleadership: A conceptual analysis and educational implications. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 9(1), 63-82.



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