The Practice of Ethical Leadership among Managers of News Websites from Journalists’ Point of View

Majed Numan AlKhudari, Saddam Suleiman Salman Almashaqbeh, Rasmi Mezher Ali Alkhaza’leh
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This study aimed to identify the degree to which Jordanian news websites managers practice ethical leadership from the point of view of journalists working for these sites. The study followed the descriptive-analytical approach. The sample of the study consisted of 317 journalists. To achieve the objective of the study, a 26-item questionnaire distributed to four domains: personal characteristics, administrative characteristics, human relations, and communication with others was applied. The results showed that the degree of ethical leadership practice by the managers of Jordanian electronic news sites from the viewpoint of those working for these news websites was medium. The results also showed no significant differences between the means of ethical leadership among Jordanian news website managers from the journalists’ point of view due to gender. Significant differences were shown in favor of journalists with an experience of 10 years or more. In light of the results, the study recommended training courses for Jordanian news website managers to enhance and practice ethical leadership more effectively.


Ethical leadership, Jordanian news websites, Managers, Journalists

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AlKhudari, M. N., Almashaqbeh, S. S. S., & Alkhaza’leh, R. M. A. (2022). The practice of ethical leadership among managers of news websites from journalists’ point of view. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 10(3), 695-709.



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