The Effectiveness of Gamification in Physical Education: A Systematic Review

Nagla El-Tanahi, Mona Soliman, Hager Abdel Hady, Rawan Alfrehat, Rasha Faid, Mona Abdelmoneim, Marwa Torki, Noha Hamoudah
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The development of digital technology in leaps and bounds has resulted in offering different learning options and alternatives in physical education. In this regard, technology techniques, like gamification, have been utilized in several areas of education, leading to the identification of its several usage benefits. Nevertheless, there is a lack of studies concerning how gamification would enhance students' skills in physical education. Therefore, this study systematically reviews gamification in the physical education literature from 2015 to 2022, focusing on 27 indexed papers published in international databases. Based on the results, most studies had positive findings on gamification effectiveness in physical education samples. Besides, based on the findings, gamification studies primarily focused on how physical skills can be enhanced among physical education students. The findings contribute to the way technology enhances students’ skills in physical education. To this end, more studies are required to mitigate the remaining gaps in gamification literature.


Technology apps, Gamification, Physical education, Skills

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El-Tanahi, N., Soliman, M., Abdel Hady, H., Alfrehat, R., Faid, R., Abdelmoneim, M., Torki, M., & Hamoudah, N. (2024). The effectiveness of gamification in physical education: A systematic review. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 12(2), 406-417.



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