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Volume 6 Issue 3 Year 2018


Culture, Identity, and Motivation in Engineering Education [Editorial Essay]
Mack Shelley, Senay Purzer
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Relationship of Mathematics Self-efficacy and Competence with Behaviors and Attitudes of Engineering Students with Poor Mathematics
Gustavo Morán-Soto, Lisa Benson
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An Instrument for Examining Elementary Engineering Student Interests and Attitudes
Cathy Pauline Lachapelle,, Robert T Brennan
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Exploring Academic Performance Paths and Student Learning Strategies in a Large Foundational Engineering Course
Jacob R Grohs, David B Knight, Glenda D Young, Michelle M Soledad
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Engineering Identity Development: A Review of the Higher Education Literature
Sarah L Rodriguez, Charles Lu, Morgan Bartlett
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From Deficit Thinking to Counter Storying: A Narrative Inquiry of Nontraditional Student Experience within Undergraduate Engineering Education
Angela Minichiello
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“Just put it together to make no commotion:” Re-imagining Urban Elementary Students’ Participation in Engineering Design Practices
Christopher Wright, Kristen B. Wendell, Patricia P. Paugh
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Exploring Moments of Agency for Girls during an Engineering Activity
Gina Navoa Svarovsky, Catherine Wagner, Monica E. Cardella
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