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Volume 6 Issue 4 Year 2018


Engineering Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools [Editorial Essay]
Senay Purzer, Mack Shelley
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Cross-Case Analysis of Engineering Education Experiences in Inclusive STEM-Focused High Schools in the United States
Erin E. Peters-Burton, Todd Johnson
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From Conception to Curricula: The Role of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in Integrated STEM Units
Elizabeth Ring-Whalen, Emily Dare, Gillian Roehrig, Preethi Titu, Elizabeth Crotty
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The Impact of a Middle School Engineering Course on Students’ Academic Achievement and Non-Cognitive Skills
Meltem Alemdar, Roxanne A. Moore, Jeremy A. Lingle, Jeff Rosen, Jessica Gale, Marion C. Usselman
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Comparing Two Approaches to Engineering Design in the 7th Grade Science Classroom
Molly H. Goldstein, Sharifah A. Omar, Senay Purzer, Robin S. Adams
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Student Justifications in Engineering Design Descriptions: Examining Authority and Legitimation
Karl G. Jung, Justin McFadden
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Supporting Engineering Design Ideas with Science and Mathematics: A Case Study of Middle School Life Science Students
Corey A. Mathis, Emilie A. Siverling, Tamara J. Moore, Kerrie A. Douglas, S. Selcen Guzey
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Informed Designers? Students’ Reflections on Their Engineering Design Process
Kerrie A Douglas, Tamara J. Moore, Amanda C. Johnston, Hillary E. Merzdorf
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