Modeling and Scaffolding the Technology Integration Planning Cycle for Pre-service Teachers: A Case Study

Kristi Bergeson, Beth Beschorner
506 233


This case study explored pre-service teachers’ (PSTs) efforts to consider the integration of digital technology as they learned to use their developing TPACK to plan literacy instruction. PSTs were introduced to the Technology Integration Planning Cycle (TIPC; Hutchison & Woodward, 2014) to support their learning. They observed modeling of the TIPC in practice, participated in group work, and discussed meaningful technology integration. The findings suggest that PSTs: (a) used new knowledge of digital tools to plan instruction, (b) could align their pedagogy to their use of a digital tool, and (c) believed that integrating technology was important. Further, four of the PSTs were observed during their field experience. Each used digital tools to support literacy goals. However, based on reflections from the overall group of PSTs in their literacy methods course, PSTs also felt overwhelmed by the selection of a digital tool that would support a literacy goal, struggled to know how to overcome obstacles, and had a difficult time using technology in a way that enhanced their literacy goal. The current findings add to the existing literature on using the TIPC with PSTs by describing a process of providing PSTs with modeling, scaffolding, and opportunities for guided practice.


Digital tools, Pre-service teacher education, Technology integration, Planning cycle, Literacy

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Bergeson, K. & Beschorner, B. (2020). Modeling and scaffolding the technology integration planning cycle for pre-service teachers: A case study. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (IJEMST), 8(4), 330-341.



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